Welcome To Placenta Encapsulation​

Placenta Encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills. Traditionally, this is taken by the mother and is believed to impart numerous health benefits.

Professional Placenta Encapsulation services includes timely pick up of your placenta at the location you give birth, safe and professional encapsulation of your placenta , using the method you choose, and delivery of finished capsules within 72 hours of pick up. Hours may vary depending on location and time for mailing.

Amanda and Katie are both certified in Placenta Encapsulation.

Welcome To Placenta Encapsulation


 Trained in:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens & Infectious Disease Control Course/Exam
  • SafeServ Food Handler's Training Course/Exam
  • Raw and TCM processing of Placenta
  • Anatomy of the Placenta
  • Research on benefits/risks of placenta ingestion
  • Placenta HIPPA laws
  • Bio-Hazardous Materials disposal

Our Services 

We don’t want anyone to miss out on placenta encapsulation for financial reasons. We are open to working out a payment plan if it’s mor​e convenient for you. We accept credit cards, checks or cash. 

Holistic Method  $250

The placenta is processed using a "less is more" approach. Simply sliced and dehydrated, the placenta is then ground and placed into capsules.

Traditional Method  $250

The placenta is gently steamed, then dehydrated. This process has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Half & Half Processing $300

For clients that don't have an obvious preference for one processing method or another, we will prepare half your placenta according to the Traditional Method and half according to the Holistic Method.

Tincture  $25

A small amount of your placenta is preserved in high proof alcohol. This creates a shelf stable placenta remedy for use long after your pills are gone. One dropper will help ease hormonal imbalances caused by return of your menses, menopause or stress.

Placenta Printmaking $15

A print of your placenta - this is creating a print directly from your placenta on art quality paper for you to keep or frame.

Different Capsule Options $20


Flavored capsules are fruit scented and colorful.

Twins $50

Additional time and supplies

Gift Certificates are now available!

Areas we service are Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Bemidji, Brainerd, Virginia, Aitkin, and Duluth.

Placenta Capsules May

* Help balance hormones

* Replenish iron levels                                                                                    

* Increase milk production

* Increase energy levels

* Assist uterus to return to pre-pregnancy state

* Replenish Vitamin B

* Offers natural pain relief

* Reduce post-natal bleeding

* Protection from infection and bleeding

* Prevent/lessen risk of Postpartum Depression                         

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