Amanda's Story

  Speaking personally as a mother of two, I was affected by postpartum depression after my first child was born. The overwhelming feelings of sadness, wanting to run away from life, and my nonstop crying was difficult. I also had to take care of my newborn. After seeking medical help with anti-depression medication, the feelings of satisfaction were not fulfilled. After about six months, I discontinued taking the prescriptions hoping I would return to normal. Unfortunately, I did not, so I continued to deal with a huge amount of sadness. During that time, a friend brought to my attention that she was waiting for her placenta to be encapsulated. Women were seeing such positive results after consumption of the placenta, including feeling happier, having positive thoughts, becoming calm and not stressed, plus an increase in milk supply. Right away I was intrigued and knew this was a service to look into for my next child. After searching for a certified trained professional, I made the commitment to move forward with encapsulation. The difference between my feelings after my first born and my feelings after my second born were night and day. The feelings of stress and sadness were nonexistent after my second was born.

My dedication and training is solely to educate women and inform them about this service. My further research has taught me many positive outcomes by consumption of the placenta after birth. I am extremely excited to share my story and information with every women I meet.


What our customers are saying

So thankful for Mother's Love Placenta Encapsulation! The first few weeks are hard to get through adjusting to life with a newborn. My capsules were a HUGE help to me and really helped me through the postpartum baby blues. In addition to the capsules, the service was amazing and the ladies were so friendly and checked in on me and my little one several times. I would highly recommend Mother's Love to anyone considering placenta encapsulation.
Gitona King

What our customers are saying

I highly recommend these ladies for placenta encapsulation. We did a home birth and they came out to our house to pick up my placenta and had a quick turnaround time for delivery of the pills. The pills are such a major help in postpartum care!

Beth Graupmann

What mothers are saying

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was worried about Postpartum Depression, especially since I had dealt with it in the past. I wholeheartedly believe that placenta encapsulation not only sped up the healing process but also helped with mood stabilization, fatigue and milk production. Its a wonderful relief to know there is a natural method to stabilize hormones after birth.
Chelsey Clark

What mothers are saying

I can't say enough about how amazing I feel taking my placenta pills post-partum. I struggled with depression during both my pregnancies, and felt no sign of it post-partum. Instead, I had an abundance of energy! 
Shannon Harling